Get An Awesome Action Figure Mystery Box!

Action Figure Mystery Box containing an assortment of loose figures delivered to your home!

action figure mystery box

Get Awesome loose Action Figures with our Action Figure Mystery Box (Could contain Marvel, DC, Ninja Turtles, & other popular action figures).

  • 5 or 10 collectible action figures per mystery box!
  • Marvel Action Figures (ex. 80s, 90s, Legend Series, etc.)
  • DC Action Figures (ex. Multiverse, McFarlane, etc.)
  • IDW Action Figures (ex. Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers)
  • Image Action Figures (ex. Spawn)
  • Other Popular Action Figures (ex. Star Wars, Transformers, Star Trek, etc.)
Action Figure Mystery Box (Marvel, DC, Ninja Turtles, Spawn, Star Wars)



What is an Action Figure Mystery Box?

It is a mystery box that contains random action figures from various franchises of new and old. The figures are loose and may or may not include their accessories like weapons and stands. 


Do you ship to Canada or Australia?

Yes! We ship to Canada and australie as long as our customers are willing to pay the shipping costs.


How big are the action figures in your mystery box?

The size of the action figures range from 3″ to 12″ so there is a good variation in size, but what you get is completely random. Our mystery boxes are created as we get stock in and stacked up in a storage area so we have no idea what is inside before sending them out.


Are there Rare action figures in your mystery box?

Yes, there could be! We are not action figure experts and do not cherry pick the rare or good action figures. We buy the action figures in bulk and then box them up.


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