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We have a huge selection of graded comic books and graded comic book mystery boxes! We sell both CBCS and CGC graded comic books.


We’ve been successfully helping comic book collectors find the graded comics they love for many years. Since the day we opened the virtual doors to Multiverse Comics in 2016, it’s been our mission to help connect comic collectors with graded comics from CGC and CBCS. In addition to selling graded comics, we also offer comic books that are not graded to improve your collecting experience.

Shopping for graded comics from Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Valiant, Dark Horse and more? You’ll find a wide selection of high grade comics for sale from all major comic book publishers here in our comic shop.




Graded comic books are collectible items that have been evaluated and assigned a quality grade by a professional grading company. This process, known as comic book grading, meticulously assesses a comic book’s condition, considering factors like print quality, page color, and any physical damages or imperfections. The grading scale typically ranges from 0.5 (poor condition) to 10.0 (perfect condition), with the grade encapsulated on the comic book in a sealed, tamper-evident plastic slab accompanied by a unique identifier.

How Comic Book Grading Affects Value

  1. Objective Assessment: Grading provides an objective assessment of a comic book’s condition, eliminating subjective bias and setting a standardized benchmark for its quality.
  2. Market Confidence: A graded comic book often commands a higher price in the market. Collectors are willing to pay a premium for comics with a high grade, as it assures them of the item’s condition and authenticity.
  3. Protection and Preservation: The encapsulation process protects the comic book from environmental damage, preserving its condition and potentially enhancing its value over time.
  4. Resale Value: Graded comic books are generally easier to sell. The clear, objective grade facilitates quicker transactions by providing potential buyers with trust and assurance in their investment.
  5. Insurance and Appraisal: For insurance or estate planning purposes, having a comic book professionally graded can provide a clear, documented appraisal of its value.
  6. Collectibility and Rarity: Certain grades can significantly affect a comic’s rarity. For example, vintage comics in near-mint condition (grades 9.0 and above) are exceedingly rare and thus, highly sought after by collectors.
X-men 266 graded comic book with Gambit on the cover


Depending on which graded comic mystery box you order you might get a CGC or CBCS graded book between the grade of 5.0 and 9.9. Below we explain what each grade means as for the condition of the comic book. However, please note that comic book grading is subjective and each grader might vary slightly on the grade they would give a comic.

  • MINT10 to 9.9 means there’s only very minuscule printing and bindery defects or the most barely noticeable handling defects present.
  • NEAR MINT+ / MINT 9.8 means the comic book is close to mint with a few minor defects.
  • NEAR MINT+ 9.6 means the comic is close to mint with some minor defects. Often one color breaking spine ding or crease will drop an otherwise 9.8 to a 9.6.
  • NEAR MINT to NEAR MINT – 9.4 to 9.2 means the book is an excellent copy with great eye appeal, but has minor creasing or spine dings.
  • VERY FINE / NEAR MINT 9.0 to 7.5 means the comic book appears to have been read a few times and has been handled with care for the most part. There’s usually a handful of noticeable defects like spine stress and creases.
  • FINE 7.0 to 5.5 means that the comic is definitely a reader copy with handling wear, but can still be a very desirable copy especially if it is rare. They usually have a combination of creases, dings, discoloration, and tan to brown inside pages.
  • VERY GOOD 5.0 to 3.5 These books are complete, but can have major creases and a spine roll and all the defects that would apply to the fine category.

CGC Graded Comic Books are Top Tier

    • You will get 1 Random CGC or CBCS Graded Comic Book from Marvel, DC, Image, IDW and/or other popular publishers.
    • Your cgc/cbcs mystery box Might contain a CGC or CBCS graded comic Key Issue, Variant Issue comic book, Signed Comic, Double Signed comic, Triple Signed comic, a Signed and Sketched/Remarked Cover, or any combination of the aforementioned.
    • Add an awesome display worthy CGC graded comic book to your collection.
    • Publication years range from 1980 until modern day. Silver Age to Modern Age.
graded comic Books
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