New Comic Books That Would Make Solid Long Term Investments

The list below details new comic books that have been released that could increase in value over time. We suggest to Never buy a newly released comic book that would possibly grade below a 9.8 unless it is an established key issue. New comic books’ values are heavily affected by even the slightest damage.


New Comics To Possibly Invest In or Flip


Release Date Title Reason to Invest Suggested Buying Price
8-12-2020 Wonder Woman $760 Middleton Variant Popular Artist. His covers have been known to increase in value. Cover Price
8-12-2020 Dark Knights Death Metal #3 Artgerm Variant Popular Artist and Popular Series. 2nd Appearance of Robin King. Cover Price
8-12-2020 Venom 27 Skan Variant Limited Print Run Store Exclusive by Popular Artist $30
Dark Knights Death Metal Legends 1st Appearance of Robin King Cover Price
7-15-2020 Venom #26 1st Appearance of Virus Cover Price
6-10-2020 Batman #92 Artgerm Variant 1st Cover Appearance of Punchline by Popular Artist Cover Price
2-26-2020 Year of The Villain: Hell Arisen #3 1st Appearance of Punchline $20 or less
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