Superheroes can Empower Youths of All Types and DC Superhero Girls has its Sights on Empowering Young Girls

DC Superhero Girls is an American animated web and television series developed by Warner Bros. The cast features characters inspired by the DC Universe. These include popular female comic book characters like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and Lois Lane. This type of representation of powerful women can be essential in young girls. Here we will tell you 5 ways DC Superhero Girls can empower girls.

1. It is Empowering to See Powerful Women

A lot of the comic book and the animated universe are focused around male characters. Most of the popular superheroes everyone knows are men such as Superman, Batman, and Captain America. While women have always existed in this world, they were never put on full display for the world to see. That’s why DC Superhero Girls is so important. It is empowering for young girls to see strong and capable women in action.

2. It Promotes Friendship

While DC Superhero Girls can give young girls the confidence they need to be independent, it also focuses on the power of friendship. One of the many lessons in the show is that with friends by your side, you can do anything. It shows that having a support system is essential in life. It also teaches how to support others and make life long friendships.

3. It Teaches That It is Okay to Stumble

When superheroes are made to look perfect, it can set an unrealistic goal for children. DC Superhero Girls solves this by allowing their superheroes to have off days. While their strength and power are highlighted, the likes of Wonder Woman and Supergirl are allowed to stumble. When they do, it is shown that they can get back up and that the power of a helping hand can make it even easier. This teaches young girls that it’s okay to stumble a little and make mistakes. They’ll still be strong and powerful and can move on from it.

4. It is Relatable

The DC Superhero Girls universe is set in high school, with characters between the ages of 15 and 16 years old. While there is a strong female cast, there are also boy characters intertwined, so it’s not one-sided. Being placed in this type of setting allowed the DC Superhero Girls to be relatable to young girls who may be going through similar situations.

5. It Teaches Positive Skills

One of the best things about DC Superhero Girls is it teaches positive life and social skills. It shows that being a superhero is not just about “saving the day”. Rather, it can also be about taking the high road and helping out someone in need.

We encourage you to share some of these comic books for young girls with your family members!

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